Grade Level News and Activities
Grade Level News and Activities
Misty Sampson


Sixth grade students are preparing for a Reading Fair to be held the evening of Wednesday, March 15th. Similar to a Science Fair, students will create a display to present a book or series of books they have read. The boards have been purchased by AMS principal Mr. Jason Dixon to allow all students to participate. This will be the third year for the Reading Fair. Last year's winning boards were displayed throughout the spring at Rodman Public Library.


Students in 6th grade General Music class are studying music from Ghana, Africa. As they learn about people, instruments, and traditional music, AMS students are composing a piece with their own rhythms. This piece has the characteristics of African drumming and is played by AMS students on djembes, kpanlogos, and other hand drums.


A young man in the seventh grade by the name of Dillon Puckett is being nominated for the R. A. Horn award. This award is given to students who demonstrate academic and/or personal achievement throughout the year. Dillon has given a solid effort in each class, and has shown what can be accomplished when you stay focused on a goal and do your best. We are very proud of Dillon. He has truly earned the respect of his teachers and his classmates. He deserves all the credit for his success.


7th grade students in Project Lead the Way have been studying Cerebral Palsy. After learning about a variety of assistive devices and personal accounts of life with Cerebral Palsy, students designed and created a foot and ankle orthosis prototype. 


AMS 8th graders are learning about the Constitution in their social studies classes. To help students understand the roles within and purpose of each branch of government, Mr. McGeehen organized an event for our students that allowed community members and representatives from each branch to share their knowledge and experience with the 8th grade. Mr. Art Garnes, President of the City Council, elaborated on his role and explained how the City Council represents the executive and legislative branches of government. Judge Andrew Zumbar shared some of his experiences as a representative of the judicial branch and also helped students understand how the branches relate to each other as well as how each branch is part of a system of checks and balances ensuring that no branch has more power than another. This was an invaluable experience as students were able to relate what they were learning directly to how our community is run.