Stark County Math Team Results
Stark County Math Team Results
Misty Sampson

Congratulations to our Stark County Math Team participants and placers!! Members and their place are listed below.

Front row:

Ian Sherer (2nd place - Algebra), Keegan Hudson (3rd place - Geometry), Cayden Monk (5th place - Geometry)

Second row:

Gabby Hill (3rd place - Number Sense), Isabella Guappone (2nd place - Team Problem Solving), Julia Aldea (2nd place - Team Problem Solving), Shaylie Miller (2nd place - Team Problem Solving), Gracie Weaver (3rd place - Geometry), Luciano Maldonado (2nd place - Mental Computation), Jordan Schwartz (1st place - Algebra)

Third row:

Jillian Lohnes (3rd place - Number Sense), Anna Eversdyke ( 4th place - Number Sense), Kylie Haba (4th place - Team Problem Solving, Mackenzie Heslop, Thayer Fontana (4th place - Mental Computation), Samuel Gress (5th place - Mental Computation), Louie Antonosanti

Fourth row:

Katelynn Lare (5th place - Number Sense), Elizabeth Recchiuti (4th place - Team Problem Solving), , Neveah Russell, Kaitlyn Bondoni (8th place - Algebra), Xiyonne McCullough, Bailee Pawul, Maddyn Thompson, Caroline Reich (4th place - Team Problem Solving, Brendan Zurbrugg (4th place, Algebra).

Fifth row:

Diane Witham (NIS Coach), Sam Gotter (6th place - Algebra), Alyssa Risley (7th place - Algebra), Misty McMasters, Keegan Serrano (8th place - Geometry), Caroline Denny (1st place - Advanced Algebra), Hanna Mazzei, Rylan Thomas (4th place - Algebra), Seth Dillon (1st place - Algebra) , Kevin Frazier (4th place - Mental Computation), Juliann Trevorrow (AMS Coach)

Sixth row:

Bryce Lee, Ian Wood (5th place - Team Problem Solving), Tomas Simmons (5th place - Team Problem Solving), Thomas Butt (5th place - Team Problem Solving), Dakota Peloso, Ty Young, Blake Hood (2nd place - Algebra), Aidan James.