Solo and Ensemble Results
Solo and Ensemble Results
Misty Sampson

On Saturday April 8, 2017, AMS Band, Choir, and Orchestra students participated in the OMEA District 8 Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event. We are very proud of all the hard work these students put into making beautiful music! Below are the results:

21 Superior (I) Soloists: Matthew Eversdyke (Trumpet), Matthew Eversdyke (Piano), Alyssa White (Trumpet), Patrick Burse (Snare Drum), Brooke McDermitt (Clarinet), Olivia Bell (Flute), Thomas Butt (Trombone), Abby Beltz (Vocal), Mallory Chunat (Vocal), Alaina Church (Vocal), Natasha Cowart (Vocal), Nicole Cox (Vocal), Hunter Morris (Vocal), Seirra Nichols (Vocal), Richmond (Vocal), Jenna Scott (Vocal), Nicole Cox (Violin), Valencia Davis (Viola), Caroline Denny (Cello), Alaina Church (Cello), Julia Schwartz (Cello)

11 Excellent (II) Soloists: Hannah McKissick (Snare Drum), Jacob Collins (Trumpet), Samara Prather (Flute), Harley Morriss (Bassoon), Hunter Morris (Alto Saxophone), Ryan Bench (Trumpet), Allayna Jones (Vocal), Harley Morris (Vocal), Samara Prather (Vocal), Chloe Gruber (Violin), Alyssa Risley (Cello)

9 Superior (I) Ensembles: 8th Grade Trumpet Trio (Matthew Eversdyke, Alyssa White, Kevin Zurbrugg), 7th Grade Woodwind Trio (Brooke McDermitt, Meah Minor, Isyss Johnson), 7th Grade Clarinet Trio (Henry Wang, Brianna Wooten, Keagan Serrano), 7th Grade Brass Trio (Olivia George, Jacob Collins, Thomas Butt), 8th Grade Clarinet Quartet (Becca Jones, Taylor Raffle, Karmen Young, Shyanne Thibedeau), 8th Grade Select Vocal Ensemble (Kamryn Bondoni, Alaina Church, Nicole Cox, Lizzy Davidson, Jaycie Miller, Hunter Morris, Seirra Nichols, Coby Thompson, Eric Whitacre, Devin White, Daeshyneal Wood, Jymeni Wood), 7th Grade Select Vocal Ensemble (Abby Beltz, Aidan Cagna, Mallory Chunat, Jacob Collins, Jane Cook, Olivia George, Brooke McDermitt, Ian Mills, Harley Morris, Micholas Reed, Jenna Scott, Madeline Summers), The Shrektastic Trio (Kierra Benning, Mallory Chunat, Valencia Davis), Cellokinesis (Claire Jones and Julia Schwartz)

3 Excellent (II) Ensembles: The Dragon Trio (Nick Mikes, McKenna Skeens, Rhi Underwood), Los Tres Huevos (Bryce Lee, Hanna Mazzei, Keagan Serrano), 55 Spaceships (Alaina Church and Nicole Cox)

1 Good (III) Ensemble: 8th Grade Brass Trio (Natalie Newcomer, Carmen Roller, Thomas Madison)

1 Festival Class Participant: Samantha Martin (Clarinet)Madison