7th Grade Leadership Camp
7th Grade Leadership Camp
Misty Sampson

The 7th Grade Red Tails Leadership Squad spent Saturday and Sunday April 22nd and 23rd developing their leadership and teamwork skills at FFA Camp Muskingum. Students did an outstanding job participating in low and high ropes courses, including rope shapes, the rocking ship, the wobblely wire, as well as rock wall climbing and ziplining. All students were challenged to work together and to develop their abilities as leaders when working on a team. They sometimes had competing ideas, disputes among the team, and had to sort through ambiguous directions, but in the end they succeeded.  Rock climbing and zip lining were especially difficult for students as these types of obstacles can be daunting to some. Conquering these tasks gave them a chance to overcome their fears and grow their mental toughness. The team debriefed and stated that this experience “really helped them to come together”. The students also had a fun time cooking smores by the campfire and riding a pontoon boat across Leesville Lake. Mr. Charles Miller, Mr. David Hammers, and Ms. Dagny Staudt chaperoned and encouraged the students to think outside of the box and to think about their roles in the group.

Pictured members:

Front Row from Left to Right: Ryin Motry, Blake Hood, Jay’ron Thomas, Jane Miller, Trinity Ford, Kierra Benning

Back Row From Left to Right: Mr. Miller, Trevor Collage, Tomas Simmons, Ms. Staudt, Velencia Davis, Jane Cook, Carli Cooper, Hunter Berlin, Mr. Hammes, Micholas Reed, Brennan Bell