Gearing Up for Exceptional Olympics!
Gearing Up for Exceptional Olympics!
Wendy Hubbard
Wednesday, April 11 2018


Kathy Elliott's class is getting ready for the upcoming Exceptional Olympics at Perry High School on Friday, May 11th.  Events the students will be participating in will be bean bag toss, bowling, softball batting, soccer ball, 50 yd dash, and obstacle course.  In Matt. Tafe's gym class, the students have already started practicing for the various events. Once a week until the second week of May, Stephanie. McKnight's high school students came to AELS to meet with the students.  The high school students will be the AELS students mini coaches the day of the Olympics and taking the students to their individual events. We are keeping our fingers crossed that there is sunny weather on May 11th. Everyone is looking forward to Olympic Day!