Calamity day information

Wondering how ACS decides to close or delay school?

At Alliance City Schools, our top priority is always the safety and security of our students. With the wintry weather on its way, we would like to explain how we decide to close or delay school.

When do we close or delay school?

There is no set amount of snow that will guarantee a delay or closing of school. If we are concerned about the safe travel of our young drivers and bus drivers, we are up early in the morning traveling the streets. If we feel it is safe for students and buses to travel on the roads, then school will be in session for the day. If it seems like the roads will be clear or safe to travel on in a couple hours, a two-hour delay will be called. If we feel the roads are entirely unsafe, school will be cancelled for the day.

When it comes to temperature, if it is -15 degrees Fahrenheit or below, school will be closed to ensure our students are safe. We recognize many of our students walk or wait for the bus in the morning and it is important they stay warm and safe on days when the temperature is -15 degrees or below.

How are parents alerted of a closing or delay?

School closings are announced via a number of platforms. Closings will be announced by way of

  • The school website under the Live Feed
  • District social media accounts - Facebook & Twitter
  • An All-Call to all parents/guardians
  • A text message to all parents/guardians
  • A notification through the free ACS app
  • On local radio stations - 1310 AM WDPN, 1480 AM WHBC, 92.5 FM, 94.1 FM & 91.1 WRMU
  • On Cleveland TV Channels 3, 5, 8 & 19

Please note: The All-Call system can be used for a number of other uses. Please listen to the entire message when you receive a call of this type.

Will athletic events take place?

When school is cancelled or delayed due to the weather, it is our policy to contact the other school’s administration and make a collaborative decision about the competition. The decision will be announced to the families on whether the event will take place that day or not. On days when school is closed, coaches are not permitted to hold mandatory practices; however, a voluntary practice can be held for those students able to attend.

When do students have to make up days?

With the new state policy, the limit on calamity days has been eliminated. Students are now required to attend a certain number of hours of school each year. With this change, so long as the students have met the number of required hours, days will not be added on to the end of the school year. Should the case be different and the students need additional hours due to school closings, more information will be provided to the families in the district on when those hours will be made up.