Several Alliance Middle School students competed in the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event at Alliance High School on Saturday, April 13. This event is sponsored by the Ohio Music Education Association and is open to any music student enrolled in a music class at Alliance. Students prepared solos or ensembles and performed for highly qualified judges, receiving a comment sheet or suggestions for improvements, and a rating on a scale of I to V. 

Students receiving a Superior (I) Rating include: 

  • Brooklyn Schutte, Annie Guappone, Sophia Murphy, Eva Murphy, Adalynn Yost, Reese Hays (SA Ensemble) 

  • Reese Hays (Soprano Solo) 

  • Aidan Kern (Tenor Solo) 

  • Ian Everheart (Piano Solo) 

  • Gavin Fontaine (Trumpet Solo/Cello Solo) 

  • Charles Jackson (String Bass Solo/Trombone Solo) 

  • Charles Jackson, Braylon Peterson, Liam Turner & Johan Diaz (Bass Quartet) 

  • Makenzie Thomas (Violin Solo) 

  • Madeline James (Flute Solo) 

  • Aubri Lightner & Menen Selassie (Violin Duet) 

  • Evan McMahon (Tenor Sax Solo) 

  • Liam Turner (String Bass Solo) 

  • Morgan Belba (String Bass Solo) 

  • Christopher Parrish (Viola Solo) 

  • Chase Brunoni (French Horn Solo) 

  • Jackson Brasited (Melodic Percussion Solo) 

  • Brooklyn Schuette (Mezzo-Soprano Solo)

  • Dominic Falconer (Melodic Percussion Solo/Tenor Solo)  

  • Cooper Fontaine, Evan McMahon, Tristan Clark (Saxophone Trio) 

  • Daniel Burse (Trombone Solo) 

  • Jacob McCaulley, Gavin Fontaine, Chase Brunoni, Daniel Burse (Brass Quartet) 

  • Jackson Brasited (Snare Drum Solo) 

  • Shaniyla Flowers (Soprano Solo) 

  • Stella Jackson (Soprano Solo) 

  • Madeline James (Soprano Solo)

  • Audrina Wait (Melodic Percussion Solo) 

  • Keena Torres, Shaniyla Flowers, Vanessa Hiniojosa, Zania Leek, Kaitlynn Brady, Novalea Pisoni-Kennedy (SA Ensemble) 

  • Kara Eversdyke (Soprano Solo) 

  • Kara Eversdyke, Madeline James, RiellyAnn Lemmon (SA Ensemble)

  • Jordan Bugara, Stella Jackson, Audrina Wait (SA Ensemble) 

  • Corie Horning (Alto Solo)

  • Vanessa Hinojosa (Mezzo-Soprano Solo) 

  • Gracie Durenda & Corie Horning (Vocal Duet) 

Students receiving an Excellent (II) Rating Include: 

  • Novalea Pisoni-Kennedy & Rebecca Lucas (Violin Duet) 

  • Claire Barker (Violin Solo) 

  • Christopher Parrish & Kylie Barnhill (String Duet) 

  • Allison Kline (Violin Solo) 

  • Braylon Peterson (String Bass Solo) 

  • Zania Leek (Alto Solo) 

  • Jaymes Smith, Albert Nicholson, Charles Jacksonn, Ethan Dycus (Trombone Quartet) 

  • Brooklyn Schuette & Vanessa Hinojosa (Vocal Duet) 

  • Cole Clark (Trumpet Solo) 

Students receiving a Good (III) Rating Include: 

  • Janosha Copper, Lily-Ann Williams, Dezi Phillips, Ariona Edwards, Piper Kirkpatrick, Audryna Nickson, Gabriella Canady (SA Ensemble) 

Students who went for a Festival Performance (Comments Only): 

  • Mariah Cobb & Gavin Davis (Snare Duet) 

  • Brooklyn Schuette, Vanessa Hinojosa, Claire Barker, Brinley Mann, Allison Kline, Jaymes Smith, Daniel Burse (Mixed Vocal Ensemble)